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Truthfully, before there was an official 'woosah moment' it was a way of living, connecting and building valuable relationships.

Tara Henry discovered working with her clients in her art studio that she most enjoyed personalizing their experience. Working one-on-one allowed the client time to relax and have meaningful conversations. The environment of the studio intentionally was designed for tranquility. Clients and friends began to pop in more often just to spend time at Tara's Tranquil Table than to paint. They needed to connect, unwind, chat and feel different. All of the interactions at the studio became best described as 'woosah moments'.

This need and way of living did not change once the studio closed.

Tara shared her daily life via social media with a streamlined group of friends. Keeping things simple and focusing on overall well-being was paramount. Tara noticed that there was a positive response to what she was doing. People wanted to know how she was able to be at peace,loving,supportive and having such fun during such questionable times.


The focus on intentionally building Woosah Moments and making home truly the sweetest place to be was her answer.


The Woosah Workshop contains a list of items that are only a small part of the story.

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Woosah Moments the website and social media pages are absolutely for MOTIVATION and FUN!


If you actually find yourself in a better mood more often or discovering things about yourself while participating in the shenanigans... that’s ya business.


Seriously, if you feel like scratching the surface needs more indepth conversation seek professional guidance, counselors and relevant resources.

It’s a judgement free zone so have fun!

Provide feedback and share the things that you apply to create your Woosah Moments with us.

Most importantly... BREATHE.

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A ‘definition’ of Woosah Moments was requested. I think that was a pretty good request. This isn’t regarding dictionary definitions. 

At the core it’s about simply allowing yourself a moment to recover if necessary and learning to enjoy your life by doing a few things intentionally that feel great easily.


How does the following sound for those that have been following my WOOSAH Vibes for awhile? Does this explanation include what you have gotten from your understanding of my ‘examples’ over the years?

DEFINITION as it pertains to this journey:

‘Woosah Moments are experiences that are intentionally created by using personal practices that bring relatively quick feelings of peace, relaxation, enjoyment and overall positive mood adjustments that are self-reliant giving one a moment to breathe and focus on themselves even in the midst of chaos.’

‘The Woosah Vibe is an unique positive feeling and energy.’

‘Woosah Mastery is effectively recognizing the need for adjustment and utilizing one’s Woosah Moment arsenal of methods to generate the Woosah Vibe when required with minimal effort.’


How's that resonating with you?

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