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Truthfully, before there was an official 'woosah moment' it was a way of living, connecting and building valuable relationships. Tara shared her daily life via social media with a streamlined group of friends. keeping things simple and focusing on overall well-being was paramount. Tara noticed that there was a positive response to what she was doing. People wanted to know how she was able to be at peace,loving,supportive and having such fun during such questionable times.The focus on intentionally building Woosah Moments and making home truly the sweetest place to be was her answer. These items are only a small part of the story. 

The items listed are recommended to enhance the Woosah vibe.

Top woosah moment influencer tara Henry has tried most of the products and can provide tips on how and why she added them to her woosah Moments. Many will be discussed in Woosah Shenanigans Blogs.

Some things may come highly recommended by others on similiar journeys that are on the wishlist of experiences. Those items may be included where possible and marked accordingly.


Tara Henry takes time to find great deals on the products listed. The goal is to make building an effective woosah arsenal of tools affordable.

When you use any item, please share a picture and testimony with Woosah Moments! Let us know if your submission may be featured.


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